Partners of the Non-Stop Minyanim in the 5 towns

Become a partner of the Non-Stop Minyanim

It’s no longer a secret that HaChaim VeHashalom’s Non-Stop Minyanim has brought a revolutionary change to the 5 Towns, unlike anything ever seen before in the entire neighborhood.

We offer non-stop daily Minyanim, a vast library, and a brand new, magnificent Mikvah. 

Our doors welcome thousands of Mispallelim throughout the day and night. Abundant and diverse free refreshments, including hot and cold food, as well as a variety of snacks, are always available.

Maintaining operations at this level requires a considerable budget. Therefore, we extend an opportunity for individuals to partner with us in this sacred endeavor by committing to contribute $18,000 or more per year, payable in any convenient form for the donor.

It’s worth noting that supporting a Makom Torah and Makom Tefilah brings with it the merit of those who learn and pray within these walls.

Campaign Chairmen:
Chaim Abramson
Tzvi Ehrenfeld
Shalom Vegh


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